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Wacom and CapU Animation Students @ SIGGRAPH

Wacom USA asked some of our 2D Animation students to help them out at SIGGRAPH 2014 last summer.  Their job was to draw digital caricatures of people at the conference using Wacom’s mobile Windows tablet: the Cintiq Companion and talk about how they use Cintiqs for their animation work.  The students had a lot of fun, networked and made new friends.  And when it was all over, Wacom sent them each a new, 512 GB Cintiq Companion to help them with their final year in the 2-year program!  Thanks Wacom!



How we use Cintiqs and TV Paint in Animation Production (video)

Wacom came up from Vancouver, Washington to find out how we use Cintiqs to teach and produce classical animation and design.  They interviewed the program coordinator and some of the first year students and produced that video.



Capilano Animation Grads win at the Oscars…..again!

FrozenThree alumni from Capilano’s  2D animation program were on the team that created Disney’s “Frozen”, winner of this year’s Academy Award for “Best Animated Feature”.  Congratulations to Benson Shum, class of 2000 (Animation), Clio Chiang, class of 2005 (Story) and Sarah Airriess, class of 2002 (Visual Development).  Clio and Sarah also worked on Disney’s Paperman last year, which won the Oscar for “Best Animated Short” (along with Ben Anderson, class of 2001 for his work as lead animator on “Life of Pi”.  Clio is now working at DreamWorks Feature Animation in Glendale and Sarah is animating on a short film with other top (former) Disney animators for Google’s Motorola.

Here are links to:

Benson’s work on Wreck-it Ralph

Sarah’s Animation Reel

Clio’s Art Website

To see what all our other grads are doing these days, links to their  e-portfolios (arranged by grad year) may be found at http://capgrads.blogspot.com


Capilano Animation is going to Hollywood!


Well, Burbank actually.  One of the most important animation events is happening in November and Capilano faculty, students and alumni will be there!  I went last year and it was amazing to see Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Tom Bancroft, Stephen Silver and John K…..all under one roof!  This year, Capilano Animation has a table and will be in the Sketchbook.  See you there!

Spotlight on a first year Commercial Animation student

This is a short documentary on a first year student’s experiences in the Commercial Animation program.
The Pencil’s Inspiration

An introduction to the Commercial Animation program…..

This is a short documentary on the Commercial Animation program by filmmaker, Kendra Howland.

Instructor Michael van den Bos on CBC Radio

Our History of Character Animation Instructor, Michael van den Bos will be interviewed by broadcaster Mark Forsythe on CBC RADIO’S B.C. ALMANAC program tomorrow, Friday 26 April 2013, 12:30 – 1:00 PM, about this weekend’s very special 35mm screening at Vancouver’s classic HOLLYWOOD THEATRE of one of the greatest epic films in cinema history, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962), directed by the David Lean (OLIVER TWIST, THE BRIDGE OF THE RIVER KWAI, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO).

Tune in to CBC Radio, 690 AM / 88.1 FM Vancouver, or listen on the internet, CBC RADIO ONE, at 12:30 PM Friday 26 April to hear Michael talk about the LAWRENCE OF ARABIA screening at the HOLLYWOOD THEATRE. Also, in light of the current B.C. Provincial General Election, Michael will be discussing politics in the movies, such as Frank Capra’s MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON and Alan J. Pakula’s ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN, among other titles.

You can visit Michael’s blog for more information and articles on many classic films.  Just click here.


Colin Jack is back with Galaxy Zack!

Commercial Animation grad, Colin Jack has new books out.  He is a story artist at Dreamworks/PDI in San Francisco but is also an illustrator of children’s books.  He’s got two new ones out now: the Galaxy Zack series, available at amazon.ca.  Colin comes to talk to students whenever he’s in town.  Here’s his blog: http://jackomtablet.blogspot.ca/2013/03/galaxy-zack-books-1.html

galaxy jack

Look! Another Capilano Animation Grad won an Oscar this year!

Ben Anderson, a grad of both the Commercial Animation program and the Digital Animation program at Capilano U, was one of two lead visual effects animators working on Life of Pi, which won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

Congratulations Ben!

Ben Anderson

Capilano University Animation Grads Win Big at the Oscars!


Walt Disney’s “Paperman” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at this year’s Acadamy Awards. Two members of the creative team are graduates from the 2D Commercial Animation program at Capilano University.
Sarah Airriess graduated in 2002 and found work at Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver as a 2D animator. She moved to Los Angeles and works at Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank. Sarah apprenticed as an animator on the feature, “The Princess and the Frog” in 2009 and then animated on “Winnie the Pooh” in 2011. She helped out on the short film, “Adam and Dog”, which was also nominated for an Oscar this year.
Paperman uses a unique process that incorporates a hand drawn line over a 3D computer animated character (see link below). Sarah was the supervising animator of the 2D line work.
Sarah comes back to speak to Cap’s current animation students whenever she’s in town and was here last October.

Another Commercial Animation grad, Clio Chiang contributed to Paperman as one of two story artists, helping to develop the visual narrative of the film. Clio has been working as a storyboard artist since graduating in 2005. She first worked at Atomic Cartoons and then at Studio B Productions (now DHX Media) in Vancouver before joining Walt Disney Animation as an intern. Clio was a story artist on “Winnie the Pooh” and is currently working on a new Disney 3D animated feature, “Frozen” to be released later this year.

Sarah’s sister, Lauren Airrieiss is also a graduate of the Commercial Animation program (class of 2007) and also found work right after graduating, at Disney Animation Studios. Lauren worked on the 3D animated feature, “Tangled” as a visual development artist and her designs can be found in the “Art of Tangled” book. Lauren is now a Sketch Artist at Pixar Animation in Emeryville, California.


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