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Hey grads, send us a great  testimonial about our program, what you’ve accomplished with your education and the amazing projects you are working on now.



  1. Capilano is the place to go to get the necessary skills for a career in animation. The teachers are dedicated industry professionals who use one-on-one instruction to further each student’s individual goals. The program prepares students with industry level portfolios and it is recognized the world over. I currently work at Electronic Arts Montréal as a 2D artist and 3D animator. I have been working in the games industry for the last 5 years and find it incredibly rewarding. Thanks to all at Capilano University!

    Paul Carrier
    EA Montréal

  2. Capilano University consistently produces some of the best artists and top animators I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend the school to anyone looking to join the video games or entertainment industry due to it’s small class sizes and focused and intense program.

    Shawn Woods, Art Director working on a new undisclosed project.
    Former Art Director at Microsoft Game Studios Vancouver and Art Supervisor at Relic Entertainment.

  3. Anton Glukhovsky

    Capilano is an awesome place to get your skills up to speed and jump into the industry. All instructors are passionate about what they do and communicate their interest and enthusiasm very well along with their impressive skills. On top of that, I met a lot of like-minded people many of whom are now my friends and colleagues in the industry. After graduating I went on to work at Nerd Corps as a modeler and now work at EA Burnaby campus as a modeler. I recommend Cap to anyone who has artistic talent, passion and a desire to get into the industry to make a living as an artist.

    Modeler at EA Burnaby

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